Tutor your kids. DIY!

You as a parent, can be your kids best tutor!  Here is a guide on how to tutor your kids yourself.  


A Simple Guide to Tutor your own child (DIY).


1)   Revise subjects and research on the syllabus

Nowadays, the syllabus is different than from the old days and getting tougher. Do some research by going to bookstores and checking out the books.  Get some advice from a school teacher, tutor or any other students who have completed the standard your child is in.


2)   Invest in good materials

Buy relevant workbooks and materials that cater for his academic needs.  These workbooks / materials should correspond with the school’s syllabus and topics covered.


3)    Reward / Feedback

Reward your child when he does something good – ON THE SPOT!  For example, when he is doing a math question, the moment he completes it correctly, give him a pat on the back or acknowledge his achievement verbally. ‘Well done!’, ‘very impressive’ or ‘you are a star’ and the list goes on.  Do not wait till the class is over for you to acknowledge his progress or achievement. 

Similarly, any feedback or constructive criticism should be given then and there so he knows right away how to work on his area of development.


4)   Make learning fun

Incorporate games and make learning fun and interactive.  For example, for English classes, go for an English movie or take him to the library or book fair.  This way, learning becomes fun and something fun stays in his memory for a long time, more than likely building learning into passion.


5)   Patience is a virtue

This cannot be emphasized enough!  You must have the patience of a saint when dealing with your child.  If you are tired or unwell, reschedule the tutoring time or class.  Take a break.  Get refreshed.  The last thing you want your child to notice is that you find it a boring or arduous task teaching him. 


6)    Exude the right energy

Energy is contagious!  Your child will exude the same energy as you so go in for your class energetic, happy and passionate about what you do.  Don’t forget to smile and make yourself approachable so he will not think twice to ask you questions if he is unsure.


7)   Dare to share!

If you are working, then it must be difficult to find a full two hours to sit with your child.  Share the workload within the family.  Rope your spouse in as well as your elder kids.  Each of you can take on 1 subject and as the child progresses, you can even have a healthy competition by seeing which subject he aces in his exams and which ‘tutor’ gets the crown!