Educating your kids: Steps towards motivating and encouraging your kids

Here are a few simple tips which will go a long way in motivating and encouraging your child to be the best.


a)    Offer selective praises – give him a credit when it is due.  It can be a simple pat on the back or use words like “well done!”, “I am proud of you”, “fabulous” etc. This will make him feel valuable and he will strive to do more.


b)     Ask his opinion.  When making a decision, involve your child.  Get his opinion.  This will make him feel important.


c)    Show gratitude.  When he does something for you, show him that you appreciate it.  Thank him.  Tell him what it means to you.


d)     If he did not do something right, talk to him.  Ask him how he thinks he could have done better.  Work with him if he is stuck for ideas.


e)     Invite his friends over.  There is nothing like cool parents.  It is important that you see who his friends are so invite them over for a BBQ party or just a small get together.  If he can freely bring his friends home, he needn’t meet them and spend a lot of time outside.


f)     It is okay to say NO!  Tell your child that if he does not want something, he should be able to say NO politely.  Children are generally taught to be ‘nice’ and thus agree to everything a grown up says.  If a child is not taught how to say NO, he will grow up thinking that it is ok for whatever someone says or does and he just has to accept it.


g)    Believe your child.  Believe what he says.  As a child he may be lying or making up stories but address that differently.  When he says something, tell him you believe him and act accordingly.


h)      Be physical.  Hug your child.  Tell him what he means to you.  If possible, tuck him into bed.  Kiss him goodnight.  These simple gestures will instill love in his heart.


i)      Have family day.  Choose a day where each family member must be present for an outing or as simple as dinner.  This will foster a strong bond between each family member.