How to get the best tutor for my child?

Tuition has become a necessity in nearly every child’s life to help him excel in his academic grades. Most parents prefer one to one classes whereby the tutor only concentrates on their child.  This way, results are evidenced faster due to the nature of the class.  Apart from guiding them academically, a tutor also guides them towards the right and positive attitude in handling their life as a student.

Having said the above, there are thousands of tutors out there for you to choose from.  There is also a good number of tuition agencies for you to contact to get them to source out a tutor for you.  But WAIT!  What is the catch?  In every situation or decision you make, there are pros and cons.  We have taken the liberty to compile an easy checklist for you to determine the best help for your little one to perform in the academic field.


Word of mouth

Ask your relatives and friends for recommendation.

+ A tutor recommended has been tried and tested so you don’t have to worry much about his / her credibility.

- The tutor may not be available depending on the location and timing.  If this is the case, your option becomes limited and it may take a long time before you secure a tutor.

Tips: Patience is virtue.  The more people you ask, the better the chance you securing a good tutor. 


Open website platform

There are a few tuition websites on the internet.  When you post your requirement, the related tutor will see the same and contact you.

+ You may get many tutors to contact you, allowing you have an ocean of options.

- Due to the many tutors out there, you may get calls or messages which may be annoying, more so if they don’t adhere to your requirements. 

- You might not be in full control of knowing the tutor’s full profile, making it difficult for you to decide. 

Tips: Be sure to state your requirements precisely so you will only get the calls that cater to the same.  Be sure on how to interview the tutor e.g. questions you may want to ask before engaging him.   


Tuition Agencies

You can choose to engage companies with a huge network of tutors.

+ You can get the tutor you want in a short span of time.

+ You usually get the most suitable tutor due to the filtering process by the agency.

- They might not filter the tutor precisely, leaving you to deal with the tutor after the match.

- Most of the agencies do not follow up or offer services after matching a tutor i.e. minimal or no after sales service.

Tips: Check their services.  If possible, ask for testimonials from their previous or existing clients.  Ask them how they go about their selection criteria and what their services entail so you are fully aware before committing.  E.g. what exactly do they do or provide pre & post-match?