The A-Z of going back to school (Checklist)

So, your little one is either going back to school or setting his tiny feet in the real academic arena for the first time.  Either way, as a parent, the mixed feeling of joy and anxiety cannot be measured.  Having been in your situation before, here are a few tips for you to whisk your little one to school joyfully.



3 weeks before school starts

· Ensure school supplies are all set: School bag, books, stationery supplies, uniforms, shoes, socks, badge, ties, water bottle, lunch box, etc.

· Ensure transport is sorted: How is your child going to and from school?  Private car?  School bus?  Route bus? It is advisable to check on the reputation and background of the transport before you commit.

· If your child uses spectacles, a visit to the optometrist is encouraged.  Ensure eye power is rechecked and spectacles are good to be used (check for bent frame, change in power etc).

· If your little one is going to school for the first time, ensure you go to the school, meet the teachers, take a tour of the school, know your child’s class.  Show and explain to your little one where the toilet, canteen, staffroom and office are.

· Ensure your first aid kit is well equipped with basic medicines e.g. antiseptic cream, bandage, plasters, gauze, cotton, alcohol swabs, medicated oil (e.g. axe oil) and Panadol.

· Ensure you get the daily timetable as well as exam and break schedules from the school.  This makes it easy for you to plan his revision, holidays etc.

· After School Learning

a)    Have you decided on extra academic help for your child?  Which is better for your child?  Home tuition or a centre? Which subject/s are you looking at?  Does he need help in all subjects?

b)   Source out information about tuition centres / home tutors.

c)   What about extra-curricular activities?  What does he do when he is not studying?  Think about his interest.  Music?  Sports (indoor / outdoor)?  Clubs / Societies?

d)   Don’t forget transport to and from the activities.  Have you sorted that out?


1 week before school starts

· Daily routine

a)    Sleeping and waking up time, reduction of computer games, timetable for school revision etc. needs to be carefully planned and communicated to your child.  It does not stop there.  You have to ensure the timetable is followed.

b)   Breakfast, dinner and lunch time needs to be planned and followed to ensure healthy lifestyle (eating too late into the night is not healthy.)

c)   Type of food to be consumed in the morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner needs to be reevaluated. 

 · Reiterate going back to school.  Motivate and inspire your child to be the best in what he does (parents are children’s heroes).  Equip him with the confidence needed to step into the academic world. 

 · Talk to your child.  Discuss his favourite sport / interest to ensure he participates in the appropriate curricular activities in school.

· Personal hygiene. Ensure finger nails clipped and haircut.