refer parents / students for us


you have students/parents requesting tuition but you cant commit?

You want to help them get a tutor from reliable agency?

You want to earn extra income easily?

If yes, then you can join our referral programme

YOUr commission = 1 week of the tuition fee of the clients you referred

Important Info 

1) For long term tuition, let's say the student is paying RM600/month for 2 subjects. You will be paid RM150 ( 1 week tuition fee). For short term tuition, let's say we charge RM150 as commission, you will be paid 30% of it which is RM45.

2) You will be paid within 6 weeks only if the classes have successfully been conducted for at least 4 weeks and both students and tutors are satisfied with each other. 

3) We might not be able to update you the status or notify you if we are unable to close the deal. However, you can always check with us. 

3) Important! Before you recommend us a client, please make sure he/she knows the market rate, and ready to hire a tutor. He/she must not be a low quality client, eg: who is comparing many other agencies, who wants unreasonably cheap deal, who is difficult to handle, whom you got the contact from other websites etc. 

4) We reserve the right to reject any referrer especially when we think that you are introducing us low quality client.

5) Please inform client that Jessie will contact him/her submit the form below. We will handle the rest. Easy, right? 



(provide us as much info as you can, keep it blank if you have no info)