Payment instruction for tutor


1) Before you bank in, please make sure you have read and agree with our refund policy before you proceed. 

2) Please bank in only to the account listed below. Hero Education WILL NOT be responsible for any transaction other than this account. 

3) If you do online transfer, please key in the job case number as reference if possible. 

4) Please take a clear photo of the proof of payment i.e. receipts or bank in slips and submit a payment form below. Without this form, any deposit won't be entertained. After submit, please wait and you will see a thank you message. 



Conditions for Refund

  • In the event the scheduled tuition is cancelled by the employer prior to its commencement, the commission received by Hero Education Sdn Bhd shall be refunded to the tutor in full.

  • For long term tuition, in the event the scheduled tuition is cancelled by the employer within 3 months of the commencement of first tuition, Hero Education Sdn Bhd shall refund to the tutor part of the commissions paid, equivalent to 1 week of the tuition fee or 30% of total commission collected from tutor, whichever is lower.

  • In the event the scheduled tuition is cancelled by the employer within 30 days of the commencement of the first tuition, Tuition Hero shall retain 15% of the total tuition fee collected by the tutor at the date of termination as service charges and refund the balance collected to the tutor. Notwithstanding the above, Hero Education Sdn Bhd may make a full refund of commission solely on a goodwill basis and at Hero Education Sdn Bhd’s absolute discretion.


This refund policy SHALL NOT APPLY to tutor who:-

a.        is terminated due to attempts to vary the tuition rate, tuition time, duration of the tuition, period of the contract and other terms that has been agreed upon, notwithstanding the fact that the tutor and the parents has not executed the agreement;

b.         is terminated due to the tutor’s failure to present himself/herself for the scheduled tuition class or appointment. Hero Education will not consider any tutor's reason;

c.      refuses or neglected or failed to finalise the terms of tuition services after Hero Education released the contact details of the Employer to the Tutor;

d.          refuses or neglected or failed to perform his obligations under the Service Agreement after the agreement to or execution of the same;

e.         is terminated due to the breach of the Service Agreement; or

f.        is terminated due to his failure to conduct the tuition services in accordance to the Best Practice To Be Observed By Parties listed below and in the Service Agreement between the employer and the tutor.

g. provide Hero Education or our client inaccurate information, include but not limited to: personal information, qualification and experience.

h. Transferring the tuition to 3rd party without the consent of Hero Education or allowing 3rd party representative to contact client on behalf of the tutor without consent of Hero Education.

In the event the tutor is terminated due to one or more of the reasons stated above, Tuition Hero shall be entitled to retain the full commission paid and accordingly, the tutor shall not be entitled to any refunds under this refund policy.

For a complete refund policy, please click  >> HERE