Team Feedback

(This feedback will go to Keith email before making the decision to share to any team members)

As a company, some of our goals are

1) To increase efficiency and effective in operations, which means every team member can work closely as a team and use lesser time/effort to achieve better results. 

2) To make everyone is working in a good environment and maximise their potential in their job roles.  

3) To improve our business and our services to our clients. 

The purpose of this page is

1) To identify the problems / issues in the company and provide solutions to meet our goals. 

2) To provide every team member to raise issues. 

3) To reward members that contribute to the improvement of our company. 

Examples of issues you can report:

1) Issues, ideas or suggestions related to your job roles, such as ideas to increase speed, to improve quality, to save time in your job role etc. 

2) Issues, ideas or suggestions related to the team, such as report inefficiency in a particular process, ideas to improve service etc. 

3) To report a misdoing of any team members, including abuse, low performance, cheating etc. (This issue will be taken by care and will keep as privacy if needed)

4) Other issues you think are necessary to contribute. 

What we will do with the feedback?

1) We will make sure to provide feedback for any issue, to discuss solutions and publish the issues to necessary parties. 

2) To manage whistleblowing issues with care. 

3) To review half-yearly or yearly to reward team members that have contribute to the improvement of our company. 


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