Science Tutorial goes beyond learning Science

Science is undeniably one of the most important subjects in the world.  The major leaps and advancement of humanity that sets us apart from primitive man is primarily brought about by science.  This included electricity, high buildings and infrastructure, computer, phones, the internet, and robots among many others.  Indeed, Science is one of the zeniths of human thinking capacity.

In Malaysia, the importance of science in our educational curriculum is attested by the fact of its inclusion in our standard UPSR, PT3, SPM exams that we require students to take.  Our government realize that our county relies on the technical and scientific capability of its people especially the youth for our economic competitiveness and progress.

The practical need for tutors in science is primarily brought about by the growing need and demand for scientists, engineers, and innovators. Tutors recognize its important role in creating future scientists for nation building.  Our tutors have great expertise in imparting science not only for practical reasons but more importantly to encourage and produce new scientists and engineers for Malaysia. Here are the advantages of having science tutors:

  • In this modern age of instant access to information access, the traditional approach of many academic institutions of focusing merely on memorizing and understanding scientific facts has become obsolete.  Aside from that, our science tutors focus on developing science process skills. This means fostering your children’s ability to ask piercing and curious questions, gather data and information, organize and evaluate ideas or hypothesis, solve problems, and applying them to useful and practical inventions.

  • Science is an inherently interesting subject.  However, it should be fun to learn to keep children engaged and appreciative of it.  Our expert teachers provide immersive programs to engage and help students to perceive themselves as scientists and engineers instead of mere observers of scientific work. Our home tuition program incorporates problem and project-based learning that are designed for active participation of children.  In this manner, students will better appreciate science and its applications.

  • Beyond the practical purpose of passing or getting high marks in science subjects or qualifying mandated exams, our home tuition program aim to make your children independent thinkers and active individuals capable of understanding and assessing information for their own decision making.

  • Science provides a powerful channel for building other important attributes that a child can apply in life.  This included confidence, communication skills, and the ability to interpret and make sense of one’s surroundings. Developing this skills are important foundations for your child to be more independent, objective and keen not only in scientific matters but in all other areas in life. 

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