Importance of Tutoring to Improve Math skills

The reason why many students find Math as a difficult subject is because it is an exact science.  Math problems require exact answers.  This means that your answer is either right or wrong. There is no room for subjective creativity that could otherwise give extra credit for your effort or create an alternative perspective for a probable answer.  Moreover, it systematically builds on itself.  Every lesson is a step towards another lesson. Missing or misunderstanding one lesson will make it difficult for you to move to the next lesson.  Corollary to this, a single mistake in one step while solving a problem, would render everything incorrect.  Finally, Math also carries a stigma as being innately difficult. This impression is used to rationalize by some students to the hopelessness to make an effort to understand Math. 

Math in Malaysian Society

In spite of its difficulty, society recognizes Math as an indispensable subject that all children must learn.  No matter what we do or what profession or job we end up with in society, we will always be engaged in Math in one way or another in the long run. For one, counting numbers is integral part of in our lives. We determine our age by counting years. We determine size by counting units. And we determine time by counting hours and days. Secondly, we will always be dealing with money.  This is precisely because we determine values of things with money.  Paying for purchases, selling goods and services or simply getting our salaries or wages would entail Math. Thus, the fundamental importance of Math subject makes it integral in all educational assessment exams in Malaysia such as the PT3 (Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga or Form Three Assessment), Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), among others.  In lieu of this, many parents find it imperative for their children to learn Math primarily to pass government mandated assessment tests for primary and secondary students. But more than this, learning Math actually trains your minds to think critically and logically, which is essential in any field of endeavor and matters entailing decision making in life.

Approach to Math Tutoring

Relevance. Laying emphasis to the purpose for learning Math is one of the fundamental steps to effectively teach Math.  Students must learn to appreciate the purpose of Math in order to motivate or stir their interest in learning or making the effort to learn.  Apart from showing how actual Math formulas are applied in Physics, Engineering or business, tutors should also show how Math benefits students in enhancing rational thinking, problems solving and improving their overall study habits.

Phasing.  People are not created equally. Not everyone can grasp and understand a lesson in one seating.  Effective Math tutors assess the learning ability of every student upon which they based their lessons.  Meanwhile, online tutorial lessons also allow students to independently phase their learning based on their own capacity without peer pressure and stress from a class.

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