Learning the Malay Language with a Tutor

In Malaysia, Bahasa Melayu plays a central role in the country’s independence and self-determination. Composed of different tribes and races with differing cultures and origins, the national language serves as the language of unity that binds all its people under one sovereign state.  As such, learning Malay language is essential for every Malaysian citizen.  It is a duty to learn to speak Malay as part of our pledge of allegiance to our country. Thus, Bahasa Melayu forms an integral part of the core UPSR subjects.

With globalization however, our country is faced with the challenge of learning other languages particularly English and Mandarin to be competitive.  Many people and companies have joined the bandwagon of focusing to learn these foreign languages to make their children well prepared to the challenges of the ever increasing global economy. Meanwhile, our very own language is left to
look after and provide for its own.        

This is where professional Tutor comes in to the scene – to help preserve our national language by ensuring that every Malaysian speak and write in Bahasa Malaya in its purest form from the way we have inherited it from our ancestors.  We have tutors that can teach your children Malay from basic, intermediate to advance levels.  We are also here to help your kids prepare for the governmental exams as Malay (BM) remains as one of the core subject taken in these tests.

More than just learning Malay (BM) for practical reasons, the need for Malay tutor is essential and advisable for the following points:

  • Language is more than just a medium of communication.  We think in terms of our language.  Our mother tongue plays an integral part of how we understand ourselves, our environment and the world. Learning Malay is important so that our children do not only speak the way Malaysians do but more importantly thinks the way Malaysians ought to think.  Malay tutors are here to inculcate language as part of the national consciousness of Malaysia.

  • We are Malaysians. And we should not be foreign to our own language. With the current focus of many educational institutions on foreign languages and the bombardment of the new generation with information in foreign language through the internet and international media, we cannot allow our mother tongue to be marginalized by the new generation of Malaysians.  It is through our children that we should keep our language alive.

  • Bahasa Melayu is a reflection of the Malaysian culture.  “You have to know your language to understand your culture in the same way that the death of your language means the death of your culture. Our Malaya tutor does not simply teach Malay as a language subject but as the lifeblood of our noble culture upon which our most important values as Malaysians are entrenched. 

  • In spite of globalization, localization is a trend which focuses on enhancing the unique traits of a country as part of their comparative advantage against others.  Our tutors not only intend to teach the Malay language but to encourage your children to enrich and promote our national language and take pride of our Malaysian identity. 

For those interested to join our home tuition program for Malay (BM), feel free to contact or register with us in our website.

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