How a tutor makes a difference in learning history?

History is the study of the past.  It is not about dwelling on the past but is about understanding life backwards.  When it comes to studying history, the most customary complaint that student hate about this subject is boring.   In a traditional classroom setting in Malaysia, history is often equated with an endless memorization of dates, events, and names, which to an ordinary student seem unnecessary and superfluous. Moreover, and Italian sociologist, Vilfredo Pareto, described history as the graveyard of aristocrats.  And this doesn’t help much either as why would you concern yourself with dead kings and queens, who doesn’t even know that you exist.  This and other similar attitudes are the reasons which make a Malaysian student lose interest and motivation to study history.  The lack of motivation would subsequently result to the difficulty of remembering historical facts and figures.

Home tutors fairly knows this common predicament of students in studying history. So we make it a point to avoid the need for forcing students to memorize names and dates.  Instead, our tutors make history interesting and engaging by telling stories.  Memorizing names and dates comes naturally when you enjoy the story.  Our history tutors do not simply state the facts.  They approach history diachronically and synchronically.  The former pertains to explaining the sequence of events that led to the major event.  The latter pertains to explaining the different events or factors simultaneously occurring which led to that momentous event. 

Moreover, truth in history is a relative term.  Someone who is considered a national hero by one group may be considered a ruthless villain by another group.  Take the case of Bin Laden who was deemed as a savage terrorist by the western world but is hailed a hero and freedom fighter in the Arab world. Che Guevara was considered a radical communist by the US but was considered a revolutionary icon by Cuba.  Our tutors recognized the truth behind the saying that history is written by the victors. Hence, they always find a way to see the other side of the truth. And that makes for interesting stories as oppose to spoon feeding dates and figures.

Here are some of the other advantages of learning history from our tutors:

  • Understand the present. To know the present is to understand the past.  The primary reason for studying history is for us to learn why we are in this present condition and situation.   Our tutors will explain the events and people that shaped our society and the world.

  • Understand Change. Change is the only constant thing in this world.  In studying history, your children will understand what cause change.  As our future leaders, children should know what cause change so that they can equally know how to facilitate change as they seem necessary.

  • Known one’s Identity.  Knowing our past allows us to know what makes us what we are, which forms a huge part of our sense of identity.  In line with this, our tutors integrate the subject of history in relation to our being Malaysian, our national identity and develop the national consciousness that keep us together and united as one nation.

  • Know the different stories.  History may be written in different perspectives; the conqueror and the conquered; the oppressor and oppressed; the victors and losers and the ally or the enemy, among others.  Our tutors will tell story of major figures as popularly accepted as well as the alternative side according to other sources.

  • Inspire students.  Our home tuition program is not only meant for students to learn history.  It is meant to inspire them by these historical personalities so that they take action in their own lives. Knowing your leaders labored hard to attain freedom and independence of this country can inspire the youth to work hard as well for the betterment of his or her country.

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