Geography Tutors knows best

Without Geography, you’re nowhere. Geography is an all-inclusive subject that aims to understand Earth, its human inhabitants and innate intricacies. It does not only tell where materials, events and things are, but includes how they evolved and came to be. As such, geography is both a science and social science that focuses not only on locations but on its social dynamics specially the human relations, events and movement that occurred in that place.

In Malaysia, Geography is one of the most overlooked subjects in the educational curriculum.  While it is not really difficult, it is often deemed by students as an added burden of memorizing places, which makes it unappealing for many.  In spite of this, Geography is recognized as a core subject included in the UPSR, PT3, and SPM standard exams.  Indeed knowing who you are entails knowing where you are.  And knowing where you are is the first step to know where you are going.

We have professional tutors specializing in teaching Geography.  Unlike the traditional education system that emphasizes on memorizing names of places, our home tuition program highlights on the relevance of geography. By making places and things relevant to your life, students get to appreciate Geography better and will love to learn it. 

Here are the practical benefits of getting a Geography tutor that focuses on its relevance.

  • Our program focuses on understanding and solving issues about natural environment and sustainable development. The young generation of Malaysian should be deeply knowledgeable about the concept of sustainable development for the continued existence of humanity for generations to come.  This pertains to meeting human development goals that would maintain the ability of natural systems to sustain themselves and sustain support for future generations. Students will learn the critical connection and interplay between our natural environment and our social actions. 

  • Our subject program in Geography does not end in knowing place locations, their unique natural features and home grown cultural traits. Instead, it focuses its teaching on how different people from different places can capitalize on their differences and function more efficiently and interdependently in our increasingly globalizing world.

  • Our program aims in developing in our students a mental map of their world from local to international so that they can easily visualize and understand the location of place and events.  Our tutors use interactive maps and visual aids that will easily help our student to achieve this. 

  • With the growing alienation among people because of temporal differences of location, race, belief, culture and tradition, our program also emphasizes on the complicated correlation of people and places thereby highlighting solidarity as a human race. 

  • Our lessons are focused on valuing earth as the motherland of humanity.  It emphasizes and offers insight for the prudent management and use of our planet’s resources for the benefit of all. 

  • While our program will emphasize the beauty and splendor of Malaysia, its people, its culture and traditions, we ultimately aim in transforming every Malaysian youth to become better global citizens of the world who understands the world’s interdependence by heart.

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