Importance of an English Language Tutors

The importance of learning the English language is a known fact across Malaysia. Many researches, business, media publications, the government, academic and economic experts as well as personal experience have attested to that.  In fact, its importance has been recognized by the fact that English has been delegated as a core subject in mandatory governmental exams like UPSR, PT3 & SPM, among others.

Among the list of foreign languages that you can learn, English is one of the easiest.  Primarily because it is a language subject that has the most number of resources available whether online and offline.  This is also one of the language subjects where Malaysia has its first specialized schools.  In the early years of Malaysian independence, English schools were established across the country, which was aptly welcomed by many Malay aristocrats. In lieu of these premises, why in the world would you still need an English tutor for?

As one of the best English tutorial agencies in Malaysia, we know the best way to approach the learning of English.  Learning a new language is like learning a new set of communication skills. And as a skill, like any kind of sports such as basketball or volleyball or driving for that matter takes practice to learn.  Skill is developed through constant practice which our tutors can provide your children so that they can not only understand in English but speak and write fluently. Hereunder are some of the approaches that make our English tutorial classes more effective:  

  • Constant Reading. Reading English books can be done by anyone on their own leisure.  But our tutors more than just provide reading materials.  They facilitate discussion to make reading more enjoyable, fun and in depth.   Our materials are systematically designed for beginners and advanced learners. We will ensure that your children will learn new vocabularies regularly. Under this heading, our tutors also require students to read aloud.  In this way, they would learn the proper phonetics, accents and intonation in English speaking.

  • Engagement.  One on one discussion with our tutors will encourage your children to listen and speak in English.  Constant dialogue with children in English is one of the most important and effective ways to practice English.  Tutors serve to facilitate discussion and induce children to do the talking.  You cannot learn a language when your teacher almost always does the talking like in most traditional classroom setting.  Our home tuition program provides better opportunity for children to speak in English. And since communication is a two way process, they will also be encouraged to listen in English attentively to respond correctly.

  • Writing. Writing in English is a separate skill that requires a different approach and attention. A child’s limited appreciation and knowledge of a certain language will subsequently restrict his or her ability to write in the same language.  Our English language tutors provide subject matters that are relevant and interesting to children so that they can be encouraged to write enthusiastically and in depth.

Being the most spoken language in the world, the language of business, science and the Media, English is indubitably an important language subject to study.  And learning it can be as easy as one two three with our home tuition program and the proper guidance and help of our professional tutors.

Tuition Hero is a home tuition agency. We aim to help students achieve learning excellence by matching them with the right professional tutors to suit their learning needs.