Necessity of Tutors in learning Mandarin

Following centuries of westernization starting with the rise of the Roman Empire, the world is now experiencing a revolutionary shift to easternization with China leading the axis of the balance of power. And in this regard, the strong interest of learning Mandarin is sweeping across the world. And Malaysia is no exemption.

But while Mandarin has historically been an integral part of Malaysian culture and identify, it has not really taken a big leap compared to English.  Why? Because Chinese Mandarin is simply too difficult.

Our home tuition tutorial program considers the difficulties and challenges faced by Malaysian students in studying and learning Mandarin as language subject.

  • For one, it has a whole different set of characters that seemed unfathomable.  Unlike in the phonetic alphabet composed of 26 letters, there are literally thousands of Chinese characters that you might need to memorize. 

  • Secondly, it follows a different grammatical approach.  Whereas learning western languages like English usually focus on proper grammar like verb tenses and conjugations, plurals and genders. These things seemed relatively trivial in Mandarin.  And in fact, they are. 

  • And thirdly, the words are complicated to pronounce.  In fact, you may find some Chinese sounds that are not typically pronounced in your own language.  Moreover a few minor changes in Chinese characters could result to major changes in meanings and pronunciation.

With all that in mind, our Mandarin tutors have taken all that into consideration in creating a subject syllabus or program for students to learn Mandarin in a systematic manner from beginner to advance level. 

  • We have identified the lessons that are difficult to teach or hard to understand, and focus on creating special interactive videos and courses tests in order to address them. 

  • We focus on practicing Pinyin, which is a fully phonetic language. It can easily be learned because memorizing around 400 syllables as compared to thousands in Western language.

  • Tones are important in Chinese. Changing tones create different meanings of the same syllable.  Our one on one home tuition program allows your child to focus and concentrate in practicing and perfecting the different tones of syllables so he or she can speak Chinese faster than you think.

  • We teach students the systematic way of understanding the logic behind how Chinese vocabulary is created. In this way, your child can easily figure out a new vocabulary on his own.

More than just for the practical reason of preparing for the Mandarin   subject in UPSR, PT3, or SPM exams, our tutors will ensure that your children learn Chinese and be functionally literate and capable of communicating in this language for the following reasons:

  • China is set to overtake the US as the most powerful economy in the world.  Learning Chinese will prepares your children to the new emerging business language of the world. If that doesn’t happen, you will still have the advantage of transacting in Mandarin with Chinese businessmen, who will dominate the global economy in the next few years.

  • With more and more Chinese tourists exploring the world including Malaysia, the chances of meeting and conversing with Chinese guests is more likely to happen in the new few years.  With this in mind, your children can be better prepared in facilitating cultural exchange with them.

  • China has the biggest population in the world. And the Chinese is also the most well distributed races across the globe.  Whether you are heading east, west, north or south, there is a big chance that you will be meeting a Chinese person and speaking their language will spell a lot of difference in successfully establishing good relations.

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