Why do you need Home Tuition for Add Maths?


Add Maths is an elective subject in Malaysia which is offered to the students studying in Secondary School. The syllabus of Add Maths is little different from Maths. Add Maths is chosen by the students of upper secondary that are studying under public education system. This Add Maths is also included in the examination of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Students of Science stream need to apply for this subject as one of the subjects in SPM Exam. For the students from Arts and Commerce stream, Add Maths is an optional subject.


This subject includes a variety of topics like function, integration, differentiation,  indices and logarithms, index numbers, statistics, solution of triangles, trigonometric functions,  linear programming, linear law, permutations and combinations, vectors, geometry coordinate, quadratic equation and function, simultaneous equation,  circular measure, progression, probability and probability distribution, and motion along a straight line. To clear all these chapters, students definitely need Add Maths Home Tuition in Malaysia. In school, it is necessary that the concepts will get clear. Lack of understanding can cost your grades in the exam.


In Malaysia Certificate of Education, the format for this subject is as follows:

In paper 1, there will be 25 questions. These questions will test the knowledge over concepts and formulas that they have learned in the duration of two years. It constitutes 44% of the grades. So, here it has become essential for the students to clear the concepts right from the first day of their secondary level. To achieve this aim, Add Maths Home Tuition in Malaysia will play an important role as it will assist the students in obtaining good grades in SPM exam.


In paper 2, there will be three sections: A, B and C. Total number of questions are 6 questions, 5 questions and 4 questions respectively in A, B and C section. This paper constitutes 56% of the grade. So, to deal with such a challenging subject, one definitely require assistance from Add Maths Home Tuition in Malaysia. Add Maths is the advanced level of Mathematics which requires an experienced and professional tutor. Students have fear of Mathematics as they are not able to understand linear figures, equations and so on. It is not easy to get the complete learning of Add maths as school teachers cannot provide personalized attention to every student due to the limited time frame and need of completing the syllabus. In such cases, tuitions are the available option. Among tuitions, home tuition is the best one.


Home tuitions offer a very interactive way of studying concepts in an easy manner. They provide some real-life examples to make the concept easy for the students. Students will get help from home tutors in assessment and homework. It is an efficient method of learning all the concepts of Add maths.

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