How it works?

1) Tutor’s profile

You can now create a profile and update it anytime. We suggest you write a detailed and accurate description of your experience to increase the chances of being shortlisted. Any inaccurate profiles will be removed.

2) Get jobs notification

You can select the areas you can teach and you will receive notification when there are jobs near your areas.

3) Applying jobs

Before you apply, please check the details such as distance, subjects / levels, available day/time and etc. Only apply if you can commit to the job. You are required to write the subjects you wish to apply and your preferred day/time accurately, this helps in shortlisting.

3) Shortlisting

Once you have applied, clients will receive your profiles and they will usually make the selection mainly based on subjects you can teach, your timing and experience. We will discuss, negotiate and assist clients in selecting suitable tutors.

Only shortlisted tutors will be contacted by our coordinator.

4) Support

If you would like to enquire about the job cases, please contact coordinator.

If you have any feedbacks on our service and apps, please fill up a form on the contact us page.

5) Additional information

a) Once you have taken our jobs, you can request our free booklets.

b) If you find our apps useful, share it with your friends.

c) If you have any parent or student who wants to find a tutor, refer them to us and earn commission.

d) Our only company bank account > Hero Education Sdn Bhd (Maybank)

e) All tuition requirement are decided by clients, including rates and preference.

6) Simple guideline for tutors