Guideline for tutors



1) Tuition Hero aims to be the most reliable and best Home Tuition agency in Malaysia. You can expect to expose yourself to a lot of tuition jobs and quality service from us.

2)   Our goal is to assist you in securing long-term tuition. We provide you necessary tool and assign you a personal tutor support to assist you and ensure everything goes well.

What you can expect working with us


Tuition Hero responsibility to tutors

  • Assign tutors jobs and communicating with tutors regarding tuition matters

  • After getting jobs, tutor will be assigned one representative from Tuition Hero to assist tutors in tuition matters including communication with clients/tutors, giving advise and suggesting and solving problems.

  • We will try our best to assist tutor in securing long term tuition

  • To be responsive, polite and professional when dealing with tutors

  • To be trustworthy when dealing with payment.

  • Tuition Hero will not be responsible in any delay of client’s payment or any of their irresponsible acts but will try to assist in the best possible way.

  • Tuition Hero cannot guarantee to assign all or any jobs to tutors who applied. We cannot guarantee to respond to all tutor who did not get jobs from us.

  • Tuition Hero reserves the right to reject any service to any tutor.

If tutors find that our team did not perform up to expectation, please email the founder, Keith at keith [@] . 


Tutors responsibility

  • To provide accurate information of personal information, experiences etc.

  • To report to agent the subjects, rate and hours after confirmation between client and tutor. To report if tutor wants to cancel tuition.

  • Not to delay commission payment

  • We hope tutors can be quick in responding and to be committed after confirming tuition job.

  • We hope tutors can perform based on the best practice that we proposed to secure a long-term tuition.


Best practices

Tuition Hero suggests the following best practice:

  • Being on time, conduct full hour and try not to cancel classes - Client will have bad impression if tutors are always late or cancel classes and might lead to tuition cancellation.

  • Communication before tuition – Communicate on payment and other issues related to tuition like chapters cover, goal of student etc before class starting to ensure both parties can meet each other expectation.

  • Use our booklet – Record down and communicate on students performance, give feedback, record down chapters cover etc at least once per month

  • The Tutor shall, do preparation before class has started. Prepare teaching material, like photocopy of past year questions, exercise books, own notes and etc. Do not attend first class with empty hands.



Experience & understanding of the subjects: Clients will look at your experience. We believe experienced tutors generally have better understanding on the subjects and better in delivering the module or rather handing down the knowledge. Clients will also consider someone who majors at the subjects even if he / she does not possess a lot of experience. 

Responsibility & Personality: Clients prefer someone who can commit to the tuition assignments and not tutors who are always late to classes, cancel classes, etc. Clients prefer tutors who have pleasant personality and not tutors who are impolite or have bad personalities.

Feedback & History: We always request feedback from clients about a tutor’s performance. We will reject any tutors who constantly receive negative feedback from clients. We will constantly update your record on our database and we check on those data when we suggest tutors to clients. 


Tutors with higher priority in getting tuition assignment

Be responsive and firm in decision making: We like to deal with tutor who is quick to respond when communicating and who doesn’t change mind after confirming the assignment

Be authentic: We appreciate tutors to only apply job cases, which they are highly confident they can teach. We don’t appreciate tutors who try to apply every jobs available when they cant commit to the location, subjects, rates and other tuition details

Be responsible and committed: We will not send any tutors whom we are not confident in. There is a higher chance of securing our jobs if you are committed to the assignments and be responsible in conducting your classes. 

Updating us on the status: We like to work with tutors who always keep us updated on the status of their assignments. 

Being a good pay master: We do not appreciate tutors who delay our payment (commission).  Delaying payments will break the trust between us and we will not offer flexibility of payments for future assignments.


We will record all the activities into our system, including changing mind after confirming tuition, slow in responding, delaying payment, feedbacks from client etc. This will affect our decision in shortlisting tutors. 

We will not deal with or will remove irresponsible tutors from our database. Example including, tutors who delay payment, not contacting clients or cancelling the assignment after obtaining the contact, providing fake information or any other irresponsible act.