Thank you for requesting a tutor 

Our co-ordinating team is now getting busy to source for the best available tutor for you.


what you should expect next?


1)   The selected tutor will usually contact you within 2-4 days. However, we might take longer time or that we couldn't match a tutor, most common reasons are: location is far away from main cities, lower than market rate, students have limited time slot etc. We will try our best to notify you to see how we can adjust and accommodate. If not, we suggest you to call / text us back to discuss.

2)   After we find a match, our client support, Mr Keith ( 016 - 2209510)  will step in and brief both parties about tuition related matters personally. He will be collecting tuition fee and assist you if you have any issue or question. 

3)   If you are not satisfied with the tutor we matched for you, please do inform us and let us know.

4)   Our free service includes: 

Terms of Service 

This policy is a part of Hero Education Sdn Bhd’s (hereinafter referred to as “Hero Education”) term of use. By using the online services of Hero Education Sdn Bhd, you’re agreeing to this policy.



At Hero Education, we provide a platform for aspiring tutors to meet their potential employers and student. In this process, we act as an intermediary between the tutors and the employers. Upon receiving the request by our customer, i.e. an employer/parent seeking for a potential tutor, we will take into account their needs and requests (if any) and to match it with a tutor which fits the customer’s requirements.



After confirmation of a potential tutor by the customer, Hero Education will collect from the customer, a payment of 2 weeks tuition fees. The amount shall be set-off against the tuition charges payable by the customer to the tutor for the first 2 weeks’ of tuition. The customer shall pay the tutor directly all future tuition fees due from the 3rd week of tuition onwards.

Please note that any tuition fees paid are non-refundable in the event the customers terminates the tuition services. Please note that all matters related to refunds are also subject to the Refund Policy of Hero Education Sdn Bhd.



Bank Transfer: (via online banking or Cash Deposit Machine)

All payment via Bank Transfer shall be made to the following account:-

BANK                                          :                 MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD

ACCOUNT NAME                  :                 Hero Education Sdn Bhd

ACCOUNT NUMBER           :                 512754531313                 


Important Note:

Hero Education NEVER authorise any agent/third party save and except for the directors of Hero Education to receive any payment on Hero Education’s behalf. Payment made to any other parties/account other than the payment details listed above or directly to the directors of Hero Education shall not, in any circumstances, constitute payment to Hero Education. 

Hero Education WILL NOT be responsible for any payment made to any other accounts other than those stipulated above.

A copy of the proof of payment i.e. receipts or bank in slips shall be forwarded to Hero Education after payment is made.